The Wall Street Journal: Ukraine’s foreign minister expresses ‘no doubt’ about Biden commitment despite remark on prospective ‘minor incursion’ by Russia

KYIV, Ukraine — Ukraine’s foreign minister, reacting to President Biden’s comments Wednesday playing down a potential “minor incursion” by Russia, said any attack on his country should be treated equally.

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In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Dmytro Kuleba on Thursday  responded to Biden’s comment on Wednesday in which he suggested that Western nations weren’t in tandem on how to respond to Russian President Vladimir Putin in the event of a “minor incursion” on Ukraine. His statement was later clarified by the White House.

“Speaking of minor and full incursions or full invasion, you cannot be half-aggressive. You’re either aggressive or you’re not aggressive,” Kuleba said. “We should not give Putin the slightest chance to play with quasi-aggression or small incursion operations. This aggression was there since 2014. This is the fact.”

Kuleba added that he believes Biden is sincere in his interest to help and work with Ukraine.

“We in Ukraine have no doubt that President Biden is committed to Ukraine … and he wants to prevent the conflict and deter Russia,” Kuleba said.

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