Personal Finance Daily: 1 in 3 Americans just racked up over $1,200 in holiday debt and why you should talk to your parents about estate planning

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1 in 3 Americans just racked up more than $1,200 in holiday debt

Here are some tips for paying it off in the New Year. Read More

Pending home sales slide as buyers grow more cautious about high prices

High home prices could be turning some Americans off of buying a property Read More

‘They seem to be stumbling badly on all fronts’: CDC slashes omicron new-case estimates

In recent days, however, omicron still appears to have surpassed delta as the dominant strain. Read More

The 2022 Mercedes-AMG SL: A beautiful, athletic V-8 roadster built for performance

It doesn’t share a single bolt with the previous model, and it’s itching for a fight with a Porsche 911. Read More

It’s easy to put it off, but here’s why you should talk to your parents about estate planning, and how to start the conversation

Here’s a breakdown of why estate planning matters, plus some tips on how to prepare for the talk. Read More

‘She trusts me completely’: My sister offered to pay off my credit-card bill. I’ll repay her over the next 4 years. Am I taking advantage of our relationship?

‘What if something happened during that time resulting in my not being able to keep up on the payments?’ Read More

‘We’re now in a position where we will have lost money in December’: New York restaurants struggle with omicron wave

The latest COVID outbreak has resulted in ‘massive’ numbers of cancelled reservations during a holiday period when sales are traditionally at their peak. Read More

‘Petri dishes of COVID’: CDC faces call to pause cruises as nearly 90 ships report coronavirus cases

At least half a dozen cruise sailings were changed due to coronavirus outbreaks. Read More

‘Each society creates its own pathology’: Vaccine specialists say don’t blame the CDC for cutting COVID-19 isolation times

‘What do you do when there are no healthcare workers to work, or too few? Something is better than nothing,’ says Dr. Gregory Poland of the Mayo Clinic. Read More

‘Buyers will get creative’: The rate of home-price growth is slowing, but buyers can’t catch a break

One measure of home prices nationwide notched the fourth-largest gain on record in October, even though it had fallen from previous months. Read More

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