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Lady Gaga recalls ‘silly decision’ to catch a football during Super Bowl halftime show

Just weeks away from Super Bowl LVI, Lady Gaga joined Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday, where she spoke about her halftime performance five years ago at Super Bowl LI. More specifically, Gaga talked about her decision to catch a bedazzled football as part of the show. “Playing the Super Bowl is a huge honor, and I remember — and I got the phone call to play the show, I just cried. I just cried and ran around my room,” Gaga said. “And then I don’t know why I made a very silly decision to decide to try to catch a touchdown at the end.” Gaga said that during rehearsals, catching a ball as part of her show was not looking like a winning idea. “I wanted to jump in and jump out of the performance because I thought it was compositionally interesting,” Gaga said. “So I was so super excited to catch this football, but four out of five times that we practiced it, I didn’t get it.” But instead of having someone from her team throw her the ball during the performance, Gaga got an actual quarterback to do it, and everything went off without a hitch, and Gaga was well aware of the consequences had things gone poorly. “Did you ever think, like, ‘If I miss, if this ball bounces off my head, everyone’s gonna laugh at me for a long time?’” Kimmel asked. “Oh, I knew the headline would be, like, you know, ‘The Patriots win and Lady Gaga loses’,” Gaga said. “Like, ‘Stick to singing, honey.’”

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